BIOBOR - BioGuard Diesel Plus 6 Fuel Treatment - Quart

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One simple treatment for all diesel fuel problems
Prevents growth of bacteria, corrosion and rust
Stabilizes fuel up to 2 years
BioGuard Plus 6 is the only product that contains a biocide, plus stabilizer, moisture dispersant, corrosion inhibitor, detergent, cetane improver and VT 101TM lubricity improver
BioGuard Plus 6 contains all these treatments, at the correct formulation and ratio so you don't have to play chemist
When you really need your diesel engine and fuel to perform, use BioGuard Plus 6TM to prevent all diesel fuel related problems.
BioGuard Plus 6™ is the Only EPA registered diesel additive that combines a biocide with a multi-functional diesel additive to prevent bacteria, algae and all other major diesel related problems.
BioGuard Plus 6 is the perfect solution for ultra low sulfur diesel and bio-diesel problems; such as bacteria, algae, excess water, sludge, filter plugging, injector wear & deposits, poor fuel economy and unstable fuel
Container Size: 32 Ounces ( Treats 375 Gallons of Diesel Fuel )
Only BioGuard Plus 6 Prevents Bacteria and Algae growth, Plus:

Stabilizes fuel for up to 2 years
Prevents rust and corrosion
Lubricates pumps and injectors
Cleans-up injector deposits
Disperses moisture
Increases cetane

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