BIOBOR - Diesel Conditioner and Anti-Gel, 32 oz.

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Biobor MD diesel performance and efficiency enhancer is an all-season, comprehensive treatment formulated for today's ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels. It helps overcome fuel gelling in cold operating temperatures, provides lubricity, reduces injector deposits and sludge formation. It raises cetane levels up to 6 numbers, resulting in more efficient combustions, quicker cold staring, shortened warm-up periods, and reduced white smoke. Winter protection is enhanced by a reduction in pour point of diesel fuel by up to 45°F and cold filter plug point by up to 22°F.

Improves diesel fuel lubricity by over 12.5%
Cleans injectors and helps remove carbon deposits and varnishing from fuel system
Reduces soot and helps prevent staining
Helps control water accumulation by aiding in prevention of bacteria and algae
Inhibits corrosion
Stabilizes fuel

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